Spring clean your finances!

Posted 17 September, 2015

Spring clean your finances!

The start of spring is an ideal time of year to conduct a review on your current financial position. Some ideas to help you get started are:

- Review your financial goals and assess if you are still on track or if any adjustments need to be made.

- Is your current insurance still adequate? Often circumstances change throughout the year, so it is important to make sure your levels and types of insurance are correct.

- Are you getting the best interest rate on your loans and mortgages? Review your loans regularly to ensure you are getting the best rate as well as fees, loan features and functionality.

- Keep your will current with any major changes in your life as well assessing if your executor is still appropriate or any new family members you want to add as beneficiaries.

- Are your business and investments structured the right way?

- Is your current superannuation plan right for you? Are you considering setting up an SMSF or do you need to merge any old superannuation funds to your current plan?

Our highly experienced team of accountants and financial planners are ready to help you conduct a review of your financial position and to provide recommendations to help get your finances working effectively for you and to provide financial security for your future.