Understanding the Game of Money

Posted 29 June, 2015


One of the key points we discuss with every Bright Wealth client is their understanding of the Money Game, knowing where you are financially is the beginning of real success and financial security.

I want to take you through some key elements of the “Game of Money” in the hope that you identify where you are and what gaps need to be filled:

  • Starting Out – No direction, no plan , no strategy
  • Perfect Foundations – This is where control really starts to show, you have a good understanding of what you are trying to achieve – your super is working for you, you have your cash flow under control and managing your mortgage and living expenses, tax is done on time every time, wills are in order and your family is protected in case of unforseen happens.
  • Pathway to Wealth – You would have heard us talk about this a lot. This is the stage where you see your wealth excelerate, your super is working harder for you, your debt on your home is reducing, you are making smart investment decisions – investment properties/share portfolios and we are checking your goals regularly.
  • Countdown to Retirement – This is a very critical time in your financial journey, we refocus ourselves for the end game, retiring in style. We nail down”How much do you need” what steps need to occur to make it happen in the desired timeframe.
  • And lastly Retire in Style – retirement is not something to fear, do you have enough to retire, how long will it last, using pensions, solid investment methodology.

Creating a plan is not about where you invest, it's about what you want to achieve! The rest is strategy. Seeking advice is the most important thing you can do and with Bright Wealth, developing these strategies is where we excel.

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